Monday, October 09, 2006


Hey all,

i guess that some people are pissed that there have been no updates of late....well get on holiday, not just from cycling but from everything.....nah, really the only problem is that Europe is not as wireless friendly as the USA. I have had barely any access to the internet and when i have i have been paying tooth and nail for it, so the blog doesnt receive the attention that it deserves.

I will be back in Australia and sleeping in my own bed on Monday. I have enjoyed my past month in Europe, but man i cant wait to get home and be in that area. Kate and i have seen and done some amazing things. I spent a week in Germany, 1 week in Austria for the world champs, a week in Italy and then finished off the trip in Holland.

It has been an amazing adventure for me and i have taken a billion or so photo's. There will be some posted in my next blog, once i am home. Until then everyone is just going to have to cut me some slack and allow me to disapear for a few more days.

See all you aussies in a few days and the rest of you can count on some updates when i am home.