Monday, July 24, 2006


Just a quick update about to head to be for an early evening and hopefully a long sleep before the Tour de Toona starts tomorrow.

So superweek was an absolute joke for me....last post i was keen to notch up a win but it became very obvious, very quickly that it was NOT going to be the case. I felt terrible in nearly all the races i started. My back problem began to flair again and i was just lacking it leaves the question am i still suffering from low iron levels or am i burnt out???? I think its a little of both to tell the truth. I am hoping to nurse myself through until the end of the season where i can take a decent break from racing and riding and just have some time where i dont have a tiny saddle jammed against my ass....

So now i sit, on the eve of a 7 day tour, with negative thoughts running through my head. I am glad that i bring more to this team than just my riding, because otherwise i reckon they would probably fire me soon. This week will be hard, but only 1 week from the 1 year anniversary of Amy Gillett's Death..... who we were able to pay tribute to, with Menzie's winning the race last tuesday night (the anniversary)......i realise that life has its downs and its ups and as i begin to come out of the trough i am in at the moment i will again be able to see the brighter side of life. Having bad legs in a foreign country is a terrible thing...because it is the only reason i am not here to party or sight here to ride my tail off and it is such a lonely place when you cant do it like you want to.....

Oh well...enough not the only one who has it tough....Kate passed out from the heat in her tour that she was doing in Germany....and by the sounds of it was one of the lucky ones....she had pulled to the side of the road before it happened...many others, including 2 Australian's were in motion when they blacked out and spent some time in hospital for their efforts. I also added injury to insult when i burnt my hand cooking dinner on Friday night....I was suffering from intense pain for the next 4 hours unless my hand was under running water...fortunately i seem to do a good job of fixing it because 2 days later there is barely any evidence....thanks to a quick call from my mum who helped me sort it out....its nice to know that even from 1000's of km away she can still look after me.

Gotta run....hope everyone is well....forgot to birthday was boring, but i need to congratulate Zidane for spicing up the day a little with his head butt to the chest.....i thought it was awesome....what a way to go....

Saturday, July 08, 2006


So im back in MI now and still trying to get well and rebuild my bodies iron stores and get myself back to full health before Tour de Toona on July 24. It is a slow process, but one i feel i am starting to overcome having finally strung 3 days together and not feeling totally stuffed. Its a good feeling.

So from my last post we were about to start the Fitchburg-Longsjo did it go? Well it was our teams most sucessful tour to date. Sheedy won the opening TT and held the lead till stage 3. With little support and assistance we managed to finish with 2 guys in the top 10 and also the stage win. It was an excellent tour for the 7 of us, with some great results that were posted against the odds. I didnt feel great, but did my best to contribute ride myself into the tour. I had a good crit but unfortunately punctured with 3 laps to go in the circuit race where i fancied my chances in the uphill sprint. Oh well....i now look forward to my few appearances at superweek to rebuild my form.

Im currently spending time with my old pal, Karl Menzies....who has flown into MI to spend some time with the old crew. It has been good to actually catch up with him properly and hear about his year with HealthNet. He has reignited an old romance and is currently stumbling around, trying to work out how to talk and treat a lady....its quite amuzing....because this one is a keeper and he really likes its fun to sit and watch the progression.

Its my birthday this is weird being in a country and a place without your family and girlfriend to spend it with. I have spoken to Kate nearly everyday...straight after the Tour de France coverage finishes....that schedule works for her its not me being selfish....just good timing. She surprised me last week by telling me that she is going to fly back to America and visit nice is always in a better place when we are together....

enough of the muchy stuff....thats it from me....i have high hopes for a win during ill keep you posted.