Saturday, July 08, 2006


So im back in MI now and still trying to get well and rebuild my bodies iron stores and get myself back to full health before Tour de Toona on July 24. It is a slow process, but one i feel i am starting to overcome having finally strung 3 days together and not feeling totally stuffed. Its a good feeling.

So from my last post we were about to start the Fitchburg-Longsjo did it go? Well it was our teams most sucessful tour to date. Sheedy won the opening TT and held the lead till stage 3. With little support and assistance we managed to finish with 2 guys in the top 10 and also the stage win. It was an excellent tour for the 7 of us, with some great results that were posted against the odds. I didnt feel great, but did my best to contribute ride myself into the tour. I had a good crit but unfortunately punctured with 3 laps to go in the circuit race where i fancied my chances in the uphill sprint. Oh well....i now look forward to my few appearances at superweek to rebuild my form.

Im currently spending time with my old pal, Karl Menzies....who has flown into MI to spend some time with the old crew. It has been good to actually catch up with him properly and hear about his year with HealthNet. He has reignited an old romance and is currently stumbling around, trying to work out how to talk and treat a lady....its quite amuzing....because this one is a keeper and he really likes its fun to sit and watch the progression.

Its my birthday this is weird being in a country and a place without your family and girlfriend to spend it with. I have spoken to Kate nearly everyday...straight after the Tour de France coverage finishes....that schedule works for her its not me being selfish....just good timing. She surprised me last week by telling me that she is going to fly back to America and visit nice is always in a better place when we are together....

enough of the muchy stuff....thats it from me....i have high hopes for a win during ill keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rich, hope you have a very happy birthday, is that a quarter of a centary? Caitlin says hello, no postcard yet. She won $100 in an art competition, brought some boots. Hope you have more than "a" win at superweek. Miss ya, the Robins Crew.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday mate. All the best for superweek and I will be following the results on the web. BIG Cam Mc

Monster said...

Happy Birthday buddy! Get well and kick butt. Have Fun. Steve.

TheKillerAnt said...

All the best for super week Rich ;)
Its Anthony, from Blackburn/LeTour, used to do the friday morning rides with you.
This is funny, Big Cam, Stevie, and me now commenting on one of your posts...its like a letour renunion.
Good luck!!

Rosie Dodd said...

Hi Rich,
Spent last Saturday with Chris/Meg at MCG - We 3 Hawkies were disappointed with result; Boris was very happy. A good day was had anyway.
Have a great week - enjoy Michigan. Don't ride too hard!
Love Rosie and Co.

meg said...

Hi Rich, hope you trip on Sunday was enjoyable and you got there in time to see the World Cup Final. Hope you also got some time to celebrate your Birthday. All the best for Superweek. Fond memories of last year. Love to everyone there. Great that Kate is able to join you again. Love, Mum.
PS the Hawks were robbed believe it or not!

Brent Bookwalter said...

Yo! how'd shlitz go? cyclingnews is too slow so your gonna have to be a full time blogger.