Thursday, June 29, 2006


So its been a long time since i last updated my blog and there are a few reasons for that.....i have had very limitted internet access over the past few weeks......i have been racing like a dog and not really wanting to tell people about computer has a virus and i cant put any photo's on and all the functions take an age to work....but now im back and im going to very quickly summarise my last 3 weeks and then try and get back into the rythm of regular updates.

So like i said....i have been racing terribly. Initially i figured it was just bad form but when it got beyond a joke i had it checked out and narrowed it down to low iron levels. I guess i wasnt being very disciplined about my diet while i was on the road leading into Philly week and that block of racing. Of all the big races we have just finished the only one i stood a chance of a good result was the CSC Invitational criterium....but with 5 laps to go i took a corner too hot and dropped myslef....taking the full load of the crash on my chin and ending up with a 2 hour hospital visit, 15 stitches and fairly shook up. Fortunately i had Kate back to help me out and get me through the hard stuff. We swapped roles i guess.....i was her crutch after worlds and she got to console me when i was hardly able to pedal my bike when i got to the Tour de Beauce.

So after 8 days off the bike i am trying to rescue my season....boosting my iron levels at every opportunity i get and about to hit the Tour of Fitchburg.....i won the sprint jersey here when i rode it 2 years ago so i have some cofidence but im still not sure how the body will be, so i will try and ride myself into it and see what happens. Ive only had 2 days back riding since my break so it could take me a few days.

Hope all is well with all my not sure that there will be any of you left after this period without any updates. Ill do my best to keep them coming and also get the pictures up and running again.



KJM said...

About time i was getting sick of "Life's a beach,........", as would be your another fans. You'll do good i remember you were on fire there a few years ago, who was doing the leading out back in those days, good luck champ!!

meg said...

Nice to have you back. For the record, how many years have your parents nagged you about your diet?
(Confession is supposed to be good for the soul Rich.) Fingers crossed for you now that you're back racing; hope Fitchburg is good to you again.
Take care. Love, Mum.

Anonymous said...

Showin off the Aussie Crit Jersey at Wisconsin SUPERWEEK this year??

Let your loyal readers know your race schedule...maybe we'll spring for some "fresh" cheese curds and a few pints....

Anonymous said...

If you've got any questions about the iron stuff, let me know. I'd be happy to lend my 2 cents worth. Otherwise good luck with the rest of the season.

Matt Marchal
(Host house and doc in Richmond)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dick London,
Hang in there mate, keep your head up. Form will come soon....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of your recent fall but glad to hear its not too serious and you're back on the bike. You'll have to grow that fluff back to hide the scars:-)
Go boy go!