Monday, May 29, 2006


The perfect weeknd get away. I am up at Bob Hughes' beach house in Northern Michigan....we visited last year and its not quite as warm now as it was then, but it is the perfect environment to take a load off, fine tune my preparations for the upcoming races and just, generally.....relax.

The beach house is in a town called Leeland and backs onto the beach.....Bob has like 50m of private beach on Lake Michigan.....its one else is allowed. The house itself is an awesome 3 story place with great views and an equally plush interior. Im not going to cheapen this blog with wasteful words.....instead im going to let you all sit back and enjoy the photo's i have taken....take the time to soak it all jelous.....

mmm, hows the serenity????

Working the my core is pastey white!

The operation to remove this tree from Bob's bothers behind took hours!

The prettiest guy in all of Michigan.....

Now ive gone all artistic on and white.....ive captured a moment here.....just enjoy it.


T(e)! said...

Man, that is one sweet place! And the skiing would rock in winter! Keep plugging away there Rich, enjoy yourself.

Rosemary Dodd said...

You think you've got a real job? Oh yeah!!!!
Is the tan going to happen?
Looks like you're in a great place!
Enjoy, relax and take some more great shots. We can cope with the artist coming out in you!
Love Rosie, Boris and Co

meg said...

Great photos at Bob's Rich;hadn't caught up with your Friday entry when we chatted...nice photo of you and did well to earn that affection if dinner at Porchetta equivalent was all you could find. Motherly jibe coming:is that an American spellcheck you're using? Rest up and get ready for those big wins. Love Mum xxx

Monster said...

Stage 3 - Le Tour du Grand Montréal - 2.1.

Nurnberger's Australian national champion, Kate Bates won a sprint between her three break away companions in this evening's rain stricken criterium. Well done Kate! Hi Rich, hope you are having fun mate.

Jamie said...

Richie, the internet is rediculous! it takes two seconds to find anyone in the world. I found you! lol.