Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Just finished our 11 hour drive from Alabama to Arkansas following the conclusion of the USA Criterium Series. The series was reasonably successful for me and the team, without being fantastic. I finished in 10th overall and had 4 top 10 results from the 6 races. My finish was impressive at times, but i continually found myself caught out of position coming into the last lap. Each and every race of the 6 race series came down to a bunch kick, with Toyota-United choosing to nulify every break to set it up for their 2 fast men, JJ Haedo and Domingez. It actually became a very boring series with no Health Net to challenge the Toyota. The addition of another strong team really would have helped to make the racing more attacking. I guess its really not Toyota's fault....maybe im more disappointed with the other teams who, with exception to a few occasions, didnt really attempt to take the race to them. The last race in Anniston Alabama i decided that i was just going to attack the whole race. I reckon i spent nearly 80% of the race off the front....most of the time with Trent 'Willo' Wilson. I raced my ass off, but as usual it was all brought back together for a bunch kick, so i was hammered and it was Tommy's turn to shine.

So now thats over....and i am about to get back into a road tour. A 3 day tour that i am really looking forward to. If everyone gets healthy, we have a very good team for the Joe Martin Stage Race. This race, last year, was really our coming of age in the US peleton. We took our first NRC win here last year and Menzies started to scare some people after taking 2nd on GC. I am looking to step it up this year and try for a good GC position and also try and make sure that our guys who can TT will finish well in road stages. We'll see how it pans out.

More exciting than all that......Kate arrives in 11 hours. It is so frekin' exciting to get to see her again and, this time, spend a decent amount of time together. She will be with me and the team for the next 2 weeks and then rejoining us after a brief race in Canada. So over the next few weeks the blog will have an influx of picture involving the 2 of us. If its going to make you feel ill looking at 2 love birds....then maybe steer clear for a few weeks.

In other news.... Robbie King has gone amish....and
Tommy is in love....with the girl seen here with Robbie in Athens
PS. I want to thank everyone for their not exactly sure of the relevance of a mens health clinic.....but by saying she wanted to bite me, Kate started some weird little game with what the weirdest things people could write.....with exception to kate.....lets keep them constructive. can write what you like sweetie.


Huck said...

I will email you a better picture of her to put in your next blog!

Jude said...

Hi Richie, Kate will probably be there by the time you read this, so have fun and enjoy your time together - hope Kates licence arrives in time. Talk to you soon. Love to you both.

meg said...

Good going Rich. Lovely to talk at length last week. Expect to take a back seat now that Kate will have arrived! Have a great time together and good luck in the 3 day tour. Keep shaking them up. Lots of love to you and Kate. Mumxx

iamTedKing said...

Hey Rich, how'd you get that picture of Glen and me chasing at Roswell? I think it was on, but it was copywritten, when I checked last. I want it. and that one of me solo.

iamTedKing said...

Never mind. Founds it.