Thursday, March 20, 2008


My first few days in the UK have been a busy time catching up with all the people i can possibly sqeeze in. It has been 16 years since i was last here and as such a long time and a lot of growing up has been done since i last saw many of my family and friends here. So far the trip has been a success, apart from numerous times of being lost while driving around and braving the freezing temps while on the bike.


Kay is an amazing woman and prmarily the reason for my extra time here in the UK. She was the one who convinced me that if i didnt make it back that she might not be able to hold on much longer....she is crazy though, by far the fitest 88 year old i have ever met. Swimming twice a week and walking around town all day...puts many people i know to shame....20yo's included.

Sarah and Les are long time family friends....along with their son James, many of my baby photos include them. It was good to see them and spend a lunchtime catching up.

Here with Kay and Elaine. Elaine has been out to Australia so many times, that she unfortunately misses a personal house visit...i have almost seen as much of her as my parents over the past 5 years.

Off further south today to see my Dad's family and my grand father. Rumours of rain and possibly snow have been circulating....that will surely make traning interesting.

Talk soon........

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So tell me can Vaughters leave me out of Slipstream next year....look how filthy my moustache is!!!!

People will be happy to know that it only remained for the duration of this photo...because im no Zabriskie.


Wanna know what i did on the weekend....well listen to it and that way you dont have to read about it....

Ill catch up with you guys when i can. Not sure how easy getting on the internet will be from the UK. But ill try and get some posts up with some photos of me enjoying myself.


Saturday, March 15, 2008



This is an introduction to a big secret.....dont want to give away too the clip.

And now for my first official video blog....let me know if you prefer it to reading some of the garbage i write....its much easier for me and i figured i could do some race video blogging during tours and races that would make it easier than trying to explain it all in im so pretty

Appologies for the beginning of the video being sideways....but i am always learning about what the camera can do. If youre watching on a laptop, then turn it sideways....but if youre on a home computer, youre shit out of luck.....

See you soon.....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


For the 4th year in a row i have survived the worst day of the year, without having been able to enjoy the best day of the year for nearly 5 years. Im talking, of course, about day light savings kicking in and the clocks jumping forward an hour. It has been so many years since the last time i went to sleep knowing that i could sleep for 10hrs, but only have it count for 9.....its such a beautiful concept. But instead i have had 3 of these bad days in the last 6 months, thanks to Tasmania choosing to change over a week before Melbourne. This, in reality, is not a massive issue for someone in my line of work.....i can pretty much just get up an hour later.....but its the psychological factor....i didnt sleep well at all on Sat just doesnt seem fair.


The house is one take a look at my ride.....

So keep in touch and ill have more updates to come.....i think i like this video thing. It means that i dont have to type too much and i can just film in pretty sure that youtube gets more hits than my blog, there must be a reason for it......

By the way, just in case anyone is still interested i still dont have full sensation in my fingers and cant use my hands properly. Hand writing is a problem. Everyone says, dont worry, it will all come back, but its been 2.5 weeks now......when????

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Tour of California.....well what can i was a great mix of fantastic racing coupled with some of the most painful days of my life. I woke up sick on the day of stage 4....looking at the profile of the day i was initially happy that it didnt look like an overly difficult day. Little did i know that i would turn out to be the worst day of my life. After nearly 8hrs of bone numbing riding i was unable to even undress once i reached the finish. 2hrs in the bathtub and i was finally able to take off my shoes and booties.....the funny thing is, i realise that this sounds like a major exaggeration, but 10 days later i can still not feel the tips of my ring or little finger on my left hand. This is me warming up for the prologue. I look serious, but i got my ass well and truly kicked. It was a strong mans course....and im not a particularly strong man it would seem.

So now im stuck, 10 days later, still recovering from my virus and having been smashed all weekend in the 2nd race of the year in Merced, CA. Ben Jaques-Maybes picked up where he left off last season and wound up on the podium both days. The team did a good job, challenged well by Colavita and Wohlburg.....but we made Rock Racing look stupid, which im sure is every teams major goal all year.
Merced criterium break (thanks to You can see me in there if you look carefully.

Ben on the podium. He was on fire, despite suffering the same virus that i have. You just cant hold him down.

So now I have arrived at my base for the year in Lewisville, North Carolina. I cant believe how unbelievable this house im living in is. Keep an eye on this blog over the next few weeks, cause im going to have some introductions to my new pad. Ill do my best to keep some regular posts coming youre way.