Monday, December 18, 2006


After being drilled over the weekend by some old friends at a Christmas party, it seems there is a certain demand that i return to the blog and start telling people what it is i am doing and how my time in Australia has been. There are no excuses, i have been lazy.....i havn't even checked the site until today.....i guess that is poor form.

So im trianing again now and looking forward to a busy January that will see me compete at the LA world opportunity for me to stake my claim for a spot in the Australian team for the 2007 Wrold Track Championships. My goals are revolving around the madison. I have decided to cease my career with the individual pursuit and go out as a national bronze medal winner and a 4.28 rider. Now my full attention has shifted to the madison/points and i am looking forward to the challenge of going to our National Titles in Feb and turning my silver from the points score last year into a gold.

Instead of delving into the past 2 months and trying to come up with worthy stories, i will cover them by saying that life has been good. I have been splitting my time evenly between Kate (in Sydney) and home (in Melbourne) and i am a very happy boy leading into Christmas. I have changed my coach and am now working with David McKenzie to try and make the most of my road career and avoid the problems that i had this year with burn out.

Kate and i both road Sydney World Cup for the Australian team, and although my Teams Pursuit team came in 5th.....i can take no was a terrible personal performance and i owe that result to the 3 riders who i teamed with. Hence some of the hard decisions i have made regarding my future on the track and its direction. Kate rode far more sucessfully and won the womens points title. She has been working very hard on ironing out her weaknesses and to her rivals at this years worlds i say.......WATCH OUT!!!!

So now on the road to LA and Nationals....they are the goals and training is headed in the right direction. For those of you who dont know....Theo Bos broke the world record over 200m a couple of days ago....if you ever get the chance to go and see this man race i emplore you to do it......poetry in motion......i think what he does is commonly refered to as....'taking the piss'......seriously, go and watch him.....

Cheers to everyone for getting up me about still doing my blog, its nice to know that people still want to know what im up to....



Anonymous said...

Good to see an update. I was wondering what you have been up to. Glad your doing well. Good luck with your point races. I'm sure i'll see you in a few months. Later

Monster said...

Only 2 months and 9 days between posts, not bad! Seriously though, thanks for the post (from an "old" friend at a Christmas Party).

PS. Maybe you could go back to pursuiting (team and individual) in a few years?

Anonymous said...

Nice one Rich!
Hope we didn't grill you too hard! Good to see you can still hit a cricket ball ok.