Monday, January 28, 2008


My time at home has come and is about to be gone. It has been such a short visit home compared to my usual experience, where i would be still at home racing on the track for another month or so. It funny how one descision can effect so many aspects of your life...not that i am complaining....i am very much looking forward to the season ahead of me.
So how do you say goodbye to Australia...whats better than a day at the Aus Open with your old man. There was once a time, where tennis was my number 1 sport. Those days have come and gone and now it has been years since i even held a raquet, but there is still something great about the sporting assets that Melbourne has. Dad and i had a great day with 3 good games, but more than that, just a day of male bonding...that is often missing with our work schedules.

After leaving Melbourne and my family, it was off to Sydney for a week to spend some time with my fiancee. The week included scouting some possible wedding destinations, house hunting and also just some quality time together. Kate got sick for the last few days and i meant that on my last day with her she had no fun as it was to begin with, after i while i realised how much i missed her voice.....
As everyone can imagine, saying goodbye to Kate for nearly 2 months was very hard. Im not affraid to admit i cried like a little girl who had her lollipop stolen. It was very hard and we dont like being apart for much longer than a week....its always tough, but this year is going to be very tough with all the Olympic commitments, so we were not happy that this marked the begginning of all that separation. But as is always the case, i still had to leave and as she dissapeared through the exit of the airport i found myself there....lingering and wacthing her back....then her sillouette as she left. More tears and more anxiety......This year, unlike 2 years ago i have to ride out the distance and take on my responsibilities as expected in the US. 2 phone calls a day has helped the pain in my stomach a little....but not enough.
Sorry about the sop fest, but this is a blog that is supposed to tell people what im doing and how im here it is. Next blog will be based in the USA.....more tales of racing and riding....


Gunsle said...

Farewell Rich, you'll realise as you get older like me that years become days, which is all the more reason to cherish them.

Hope you have an even great season that those of the past.

You know we're all rooting for you, at least in the American sense of the word.

Also appreciate the time you took to catch up while you were home, it's great you do that with ur busy schedule.

Take Care Champ.
Steeley - Ur-OzBased-Bike-Spanner!

T(e)! said...

Ditto Rich,
Have a good one!!!