Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Legs are Screaming

Well, its obviously a pretty sad week when the most exciting thing that happened was the fact my sister gave me a hair cut....but in my world its the little things that count and i have to say, for someone with no training she has done a damn fine job.

It has been an interesting week to say the least. My first week without Amy for a long time and im not scared to say i was a bit lonely. Its hard to adjust. One thing that it has been good for was my training. I stepped up this week. I have absolutely flogged myself on the road and the track with the out look of having 2 very hard weeks followed by an easy week leading into nationals. I spent a lot of time out on the road by myself, with my thoughts and ended up with 2 days over 150km and one where i topped 200km in a 7 hour solo ride.....i think that nearly too much time to think about things.....but the pipes in my legs are starting to return and i am very confident about how my form will be in exactly 2 weeks when i take to the track for an all or nothing 4km pursuit.

It seems like time is flying by quickly for me at the moment and the training has helped me to clear my head and look forward to what the future is presenting for me. Late this week i have made lots of attepmts to catch up with old school friends that i havnt seen in years and tried to make sure i keeping up relations with all those close to me. Usually i would just send the occasional text message but the events of the last couple of weeks have woken me up to a lot of things that i was over looking. Variety is the spice of life....i heard someone say that once....im not sure if it has any relevance to me, considering all i seem to do is ride but ill give it a try.

Kindly, i have been invited up to sydney for the weekend to spend some time training with a good friend of mine in an attempted change of environment and maybe a race or two just to bring up the form and like i said before add some variety. By going to sydney on thurday i have engineered it so i have 2 easy days to actually look arond the city, it is a place i have only been to race and never got to actually look around....im looking forward to that.

Later everyone
Oh, Thanks to everyone who has sent me supportive messages this week....i appreciate them.

See ya


BUD said...


how is the racing going?? how was sydney? update..update!

Richard England said...

who is BUD? im guessing i must know you? whats your real name?

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