Friday, February 03, 2006

Learn to Appreciate Where You Come From

I would have thought that as an Australian, that seeing places such as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House were really not that big a deal....after all they are pretty much in my back yard.....i see them on TV every other day and know about all there is to know....but nothing could be further from the truth. I found myself getting a little bit excited as we drove past the monuments and over the bridge. They are far more impressive close up than i ever could have imagined.....and though i still chose Melbourne as my destination of choice, Sydney is a very nice looking city....especially from the sky, when you can over look the harbour.

I had a great weekend in the biggest city in Aus. I spent some quality time on the with some friends i have formed over the past few years, namely CJ Sutton who heads off to France in the next couple of weeks to take up his position on the Cofidis team. But off the bike it was also an amazing weekend for a whole host of different reasons. I stayed with a close friend who lives in a suburb called Paramatta, about 25km from the CBD. She took me to see some of the sites when we weren't training and i got to experience Sydney from an insiders perspective.

I had a great time meeting some of her friends and family, during a traditional Australia Day BBQ. For those of you who are from the US, Australia Day was on the 26th of Jan. We arent quite as patriotic as you lot but nothing will get in the way of a BBQ. Hopefully over the coming weeks i can return the favour and show her around my great city as she is in town for the Commonwealth Games in the not to distant future.

But now, i am off to the airport....yet again....destination Adelaide for my 5th National Track titles. I am alomost the oldest rider in the team, thank god for Shane Kelly. I have been so happy with my training over the past 3 weeks and i honestly believe i have something special in me for this year. (now that ive said that, if i dont deliver there could be trouble). So the next week and a bit of racing is all geared towards trying to qualify for the worlds. I let my chance at Comm Games go, but im focussed and ready to give it my all in an attempt to pull on the National colours in mid April.

Hope everyone is well and ill let you know how Nationals go when i get home next Sunday.....keep a look out for me on cyclingnews because if i go as quick as i want to i could get some attention :).


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