Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dissapointment Again

So, today i received the news that, yet again, i have not been selected for the Australian team for the World Championships. Despite my form at the National Titles and completing the qualification process last week in Adeliade, i have been pipped at the post yet again.

For now, i am down but have just arrived in the US to begin my road season and have some points to prove, not only to my US competitors but also to the Australian selectors. I want to prove to them, via good results rather than slanderous arguements that i deserved a spot in that everyone watch pumped, once i get some road legs back over the next couple of weeks, some people better stay clear.

Since my last update i have riden the Sydney leg of the track World Cup. I represented in the Teams Pursuit and the madison. My teams performance was thoroughly dissapointing. I felt uncomfortable on my bike, i was a weird sensation after coming off a sucessful track nationals. It almost felt as though i was riding someone elses bike. I put that behind me for the madison and Simon Clarke and i rode a reasonable race to finish 7th. We were leading at half way after perfoming very strongly in the early sprints, but we concluded that we wasted too much energy chasing early points and when the teams went to take the lap we didnt have the juice to go with the move.

Me throwing in Simon Clarke during the madison.

So I've left home now and again had a hard goodbye again at the airport. I left home and Melbourne a week before i left Australia but then had to say good bye to my new and exciting relationahip. Goodbyes are never easy and even though Kate and myself are involved in the same line of work and understand the implications of the sport, being away from anything you crave and have become accustom to having by your side or an easy call away is always hard. So Ive just landed on US soil and i miss home that sad???

Start racing this weekend, so hopefully once i am surrounded by my new and old team mates i will feel more at home and relaxed. Lets hope so,


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BUD said...

hey man, just keep hammering it out. sorry to hear about the selections but it will be nice to kick some ass in the states. goodbyes are always tough but you are in a position a lot of people would be envious of. tear some legs off!!