Thursday, March 23, 2006

Redlands (CA), what a view....

As promised, i have some of the photos of the amazing place that we are staying in Redlands, California. It is an awesome house, with some great hosts. You got to check out the views from the front and back decking area.....

This is a picture of the mountain range we look at from the front porch. Its snow covered at the moment.....Hotham would be happy with the levels of snow.

The awesome entertainment area and pool at our host house.

This is the view from the decking and pool area. Doesn't much better thatn this, especially on a warm day.....which we havn't had a lot of.

This is a picture of my machine. It is a sweet ride. Custom team paint job which adds a bit.

So that's it for the moment. We started tour of Redlands today and it is official.....I SUCK at uphill Time trials. Im not sure if i should even bother anymore. In fairness our team is at a slight disadvantage because we don't have our TT rigs yet and i had a last minute bike change drama which wasnt ideal. But i really suck TTing up hill. Ill go into more detail after the weekend when i do a race report. We did get our new kits yeasterday which was an exciting time for everyone, so even though i didnt go up the hill particularly quick....boy did i look good.


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