Monday, October 01, 2007


Magpies. The forgotten problem about returning home during spring. There is nothing more annoying than riding along, minding your own business, and all of a sudden being struck by something in the head. There is always that 2 seconds that it takes you to realise what the hell is going on.....have i just been hit by a car??? What the f*#$ was that????

This isnt me. But just for my overseas friends, so they can try and understand what im talking about.
I just don't get it. Short of unclipping, hopping off my bike and beginning to scale a tree, i don't understand why they consider us a threat. I just hope that while they are pursuing me down the road, that a cunning possum is laying in wait and they learn their lesson. NOT COOL!!!


Speaking of getting hit by a car. What is with Aussie drivers? I'm not talking about the elderly ones, who have no idea where the left hand side of their car is (as frustrating as they are). I'm talking about the ones who think that it is a game to see how close they can come to me, hard in the left gutter, and scare the living shit out of me. I just don't get what they achieve. They obviously don't realise how a little mistake in judgement could ruin the lives of so many. I have lost too many friends this year from bike accidents and i think its about time that some motorists took a long hard look at themselves.

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world as a cyclist and nowhere in it are drivers more dangerous and disrespectful of cyclists. In Italy, they have 5 times the population, roads 1/2 the size and 10 times as much traffic and probably about 10% of the problem. Pull your heads in Australia....take care of everyone on the roads, even if it costs you 10seconds.....because one day your son or daughter is going to ask to go riding and i hope that you don't have to know the pain and the stress of pricks behind the wheel of a 1 tonne weapon.


After much conversation and planning with my coach, we are going to base my entire season next year around the CSC Invitational criterium. Why? Because if i win it, apparently i have a chance of taking stages and the green jersey at the Tour De France. I'm referring to Rock Racing's managers comment that any rider on his team could win a stage of the tour and challenge for the green jersey. I assume that this also means the 5 or 6 of them that pulled out of the US Pro Crit in the first 20 laps?????

They have signed Fast Freddie....and i have little doubt that he will run rings around me in any sprint finish the two of us approach together next year....but i hate to be the bearer of bad news, i honestly doubt that Freddie could win a stage of the tour, let alone the green jersey.

They are a good bunch of guys, but i think that the manager has been working within an enclosed space during the manufacturing of their hemp products. But way to get attention and a story on cyclingnews.


Sorry that my English is so bad that my mum needs to leave comments each week criticising it. In all honesty, i think she is the only one who reads its not such a big deal.

Good luck to my US team mates about to start the US track nationals and ill speak to you next week after the tour of Tassie....


Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, the only good magpie is a dead magpie. I have always said that, they are mongrels. Leave your Mum alone, she has every right to correct your english, she helped pay for your schooling(Get stuck into him Meg. LOL). Ride fast and safe in Tassie. Marls

Anonymous said...

freddie beat a certain guy named allessandro not too long ago in the giro...he's pretty good. as are you!! great job in the tour of tasmania.

dan mitchell, wauwatosa, wisconsin

Natalie Bates said...

Hi Richie, you're sounding a little jadded buddy....maybe its time for a little Latie loving again hey! Look forward to seeing you in Aus in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

I read your Blog...its damn funny. especially withthe new attitude! keep it up and you are 1/2 way there to being a track sprinter!


Colin Rourke said...

Hey Rich ur not wrong about the car drivers it has got worse in the last 12 months,i think a lot of it has 2 do with the pedestrian getting hit on the hell ride,the media especially 3aw radio are anti cyclist and a lot of red neck motorist listen 2 them,2 of my vet friends have been cleaned up this year and as u know another 1 rob was killed