Thursday, April 17, 2008 we come

Its been a while......but i am back in the US and have just, today, finished my build up to Georgia. It included Redlands in Cali...starting 2 days after i got back on US shores....needless to say it took me a few days to get back into the swing of things and although the results didnt look great on paper, Sundays race may well have been one of my best rides ever. Vennell and i spent all day off the back after a crash 10km in. Loosing a good 3 mins in the first lap, we proceeded to pick up others falling off the bunch over the following 140km...used them up and spat them out the back eventually only finishing 4.5mins down on the lead group. Not bad for a 2 man effort. Team wise a good result with Burke making the podium in 3rd after reading the break nicely in stage 1.

So now looking to Georgia....a flatter race than last year and including a team time trial, so it should be feeling fit and ready and looking for a podium on a stage at least....high ambitions, maybe...but otherwise whats the point of being there...we're not just making up the numbers, like...say...Jelly Belly? (not trying to be a prick....but 1 finisher in Redlands, as defending champions....Colavita and Kelly/Benefits have the right to be a little pissed).

Ill finish with some more family photos from my UK trip. Just so there is no one who feels left out.

Me and my Grandfather....its scary how similar he and my dad are...genetics i guess.

Checking out my bike...not sure...but i think it was the more popular than me.

Me and my dads sister....It was great seeing all these people for the first time in 14years. A lot has changed since i was 10.

It would seem i had a lot of family in the UK who i didnt know. Some of these people had not seen me since i was 18months old.

My god parents...not sure if that is an irony since im not religeous.

So thats it for the moment. I will try and bring you some video diary's from Georgia...maybe feature some of my team mates. We'll see what happens.



T(e)! said...

Good luck in Georgia Buddy! Hope you can do something special!

Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,
This is Jelly Belly. You're an ass. Our 1 finisher was good. The other 7 were just weak and slow. We totally deserve a spot at Georgia so we can give away beans.
Jelly Belly

(Just kidding. This isn't Jelly Belly.)

Anonymous said...

good luck for georgia rich, i read ur blog regularly but i rarely comment these days. hope you get some luck in the sprints and can show those boys a thing or two.

keep enjoying that crazy pro lifestyle the rest of us dream of ;)

Anthony Peacock
p.s. Baw Baw was fun.. at 12km/h flying past people lol

Anonymous said...

I could write a similar post about you deserving a spot on Bissell. You have been here how many years and how many races have you won? You are invisible