Saturday, April 26, 2008

STAGE 5...Winners are grinners

For those who do not was a great day for the Bissell cycling team

I won the stage and Teddy took control of the King Of the Mountains jersey after a stella break away that lasted for nearly 150km. At one point it looked like we wouldnt catch the break and Teddy was going to have the chance to contest the stage finish....but the final kms were tough and it all came back together and then split over the last climb. I got a nice run and a little luck in the finsh and came out in front.

Im so excited for the team who worked really well today and showed what strength we have. It should be a fantastic building block for the rest of the season and hopefully we can keep our boy Teddy in the KOM jersey.

I would love to spend more time blogging, but it is late and has been a very long day. My pillow is calling. Thanks to everyone who sent me emails and messages. Me and the team appreciate all the support.....

You can read all about it on or ....cause i dont want to play favourites. Tomorrow is the big Brasstown will hurt and i look forward to sharing that pain with you in here.


Lyne said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great teamwork.

Anonymous said...

my biggest congrats rich, well done, what an accomplishment!! i know it was all to do with my facebook message hehe :)

well done, i bet ur lovin life right now

anthony peacock

konaken said...

Incredible... Who is invisible now?


homeinthehills said...

Great work Richie. Congratulations! love CB&GB

Suzette said...

You guys rocked, Richie! Maybe you guys should have a bad day at the office more often if this is the result that follows.
Cheers, Suzette/fi'zi:k

Anonymous said...

Well done Rich, Great win.

Jono L.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rich, bloody fantastic work. Pezcyclingnews has a photo or two of you opening up the sprint as well.

Andrew from BlackburnCC