Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to Business/Pilates Isn't just for the Ladies

After a very lazy week, since returning from New Zealand, I am back in the swing of things and have thrown down 3 days of hard training in a row. Last week I only rocked out on Wednesday for a track session, after a funeral ceremony for an old high school teacher of mine.....very sad, but a moving ceremony. I didn't last long on the track, some 3 hours of warm weather and no water, in a new black suit (which I went out and bought, the day before) left me dehydrated and with a throbbing head ache, so after my 2nd effort I was toast.

Thursday I went out for the usual motorpaced session down to Sorrento, with the VIS head coach Dave Sanders. There was about 6 of us, but it was a pretty straight forward session and when I tried to step on it and give it some gas in the hard section I couldn't even drop some of the young kids out with us.....needless to say, I felt pretty flat. My response to that was to take another 2 days off the bike trying to freshen up and recover from what had been a hard tour the week before.

Sunday came and I headed off to the weekly criterium. I still felt flat and lacking in energy but managed to salvage 4th in the bunch kick after an attacking race, where I was off the front on numerous occasions. Here is the race report (http://www.carnegiecycling.com.au/index.php?c=Reports&p=20051120). After the race I headed for the hills to tag an extra 2 or so hours on to my ride, giving me 4.5 all up and not a bad days work.

Monday was a new beginning, I started pilates today. I have made commitment that if I don't go to the gym then I will do a minimum of 35 mins each day, regardless of what training I have to do. Its good stuff, hurts a little but ill get used to it and then hopefully notice the improvements in my core strength. The best part is that Amy is doing it with me, it gives me extra motivation to have another training partner, despite the fact that her tight gym pants are distracting. Track training in the arvo, a hard session, trying to make up what I missed out on during Wednesday''s session.

And now we are at Tuesday. Pilates: Day 2. After another hard motorpace session I have just completed my day 2 pilates session with Amy. I can feel the stomach muscles starting to burn already and hopefully as I step it up I will really notice the difference on the bike. Im gearing up for another criterium tonight just to top off the day. I have to say I wasn't so keen on fronting up when we talked about it this morning, but Amy is going to be at work and Iv'e been talked into it by my Manchester Madison partner, who is in Melbourne for a bit.

Catch u all. Hopefully when I next write, ive won some money from the crit....because im broke.....and my pilates is still going strong and my tummy doesn't hurt so much.


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