Thursday, November 24, 2005

Getting Started for the Madison

This is a picture of me riding my bike, incase anyone is interested. This is in full flight at the 2005 National Champs on my way to a bronze medal in the individual pursuit.

Anyway....i ended up in 3rd place on Tuesday night. Not too bad, should have won it though. Despite a hard morning and slightly tired legs, i felt good and it was an easy race. Just got boxed a little in the sprint, another 10m and i would have had them with no problem. ( Not too bad, a bit of cash to line my pockets and keep me going till next week.

So we finally got around to some madison training at last nights track session. Even though my partner for Manchester was there, we didnt actually do any changes together. Odd i know, but we were attempting to teach some of the younger kids how it was done, so they split up the more experienced guys. Good training though, some hard efforts and a slightly longer session than usual. Nice!

So now it is thursday arvo.....ive just come home from a 3hr ride and done my pilates session for the day. Im still going strong, havnt missed a day and im looking forward to it now, setting definate times where Amy and I sit down to get it done. Its a good activity for us to do together. We laugh at each other during some of the exercises, but all in all its a good work out.

Im going to race on the track tonight....not big expectations for my first race of the year......despite the World Cup coming up. I''m going to use a small gear today and just bring my cadence up to get used to the revolutions that i will need in Manchester. The bigger race is on Sunday when i get my first crack at a pursuit for the season (pursuit = 4km time trial). Im looking forward to testing myself agaisnt the clock and seeing how my form is well as scaring some people with my time.

Ill let you know how it all goes.


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