Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Today it snowed. That's right....snowed.....how am i supposed to deal with that. Tommy and I didn't spend any longer than 30 seconds outside all day. That 30 seconds was spent getting to and from the car in the car park of the local mall (normally i wouldn't call it a mall, but that is what they say here so im trying to embrace the culture). Today we went on our first shopping trip of the season, I introduced Tommy to the joy that is cheap American prices. I limited myself to a new beenie and a head set for my computer so I can get a handle on this skype program i just downloaded. Its amazing......i called Kate for over an hour and it cost about AU$1.....and once she has a head set we can talk for free....it doesnt get much better than that.

We had a good weekends training with all the local boys from the club team. Cold weather but once i was warmed up it went along ok. It was great to see some familiar faces from last year and begin to catch up on all the stories i had missed since i last left.

The one great thing about staying at Bob's is even when you wake up to rain and snow in the morning it isnt such a bad place to be stuck, especially when you have company. With entertainment areas like some of the photo's you can see, it is easy to pass the time. The tabble tennis table, pool table and the basketball game mean that there is never a dull moment......and if for some reason you hit one.....why not just sit down and watch cable TV on the massive 61 inches of screen. You certainly wont find me complaining.....

So now an opportunity for me to show off the new kit. This is a picture of both my national and the regular team clothes. They are pretty kick ass compared to what we were cruising around in last year....both the quality and the look of the gear. (Sorry about my feet....not sure how they snuck in there). One of the coolest things about my national kit....my name and the year is printed on the inside collar....very nice.

So now Tommy and i have to work on our Crit form. We have a small break from the big races but we have to be ready to hit the ground running after Georgia finishes with the crit series that starts as part of the National Racing Calendar (NRC). After our team presentation on the 13th of April, which will also coincide with the launching of our teams website we head off to Eddy's house at Lookout Mtn, Georgia for a training camp. So these are some of the things that we are looking forward to in this quiet period.

Kate is about to fly into Bordeaux to begin her worlds campaign. It is a nervous and tense time despite the fact that she would have to be confident with her form coming off the Comm Games. I have been updated daily on her training and preparations....without which i would be lost....something about hearing from her in Germany makes the distance from home seem smaller......and i have to say to those people who will be competing against her....watch out.....this girls going all the way this year. WORLD CHAMP!!!! So have a look at this face....beacause in 2 weeks time it will be the face of a world champ.

Thanks to all of you who have told me about reading my blog....including my Mum....that is a massive effort for someone i know is technically challenged. Keep the comments and feedback coming. I want questions to answer and ideas about what people want to see included.

As i promised a couple of weeks ago i will start my log of Ted King's choppers. This week's log comes from 2 weeks ago in California. While he is obviously having a little trouble filling them in....you have to give him the benefit of the doubt for trying....he has done much better than i could ever dream.

So thats it for me at the moment. Hope everyone is well. Ill get another post in this week.....because honestly.....i have very little to do, maybe something exciting will happen.....jeez i hope so.



mum said...

I can't believe it's snowing! I see you're back in the lap of luxury..no wonder you find it so tough when you come home. I appreciate rating a mention even if it's only to satisfy the required reference to the aged and incompetent! It's a fun read. you do a great job. Keep it up.
Love Mumxxx

joe1265 said...

Hey Richard,

Slap some snow tires on your bike and come down to Ann Arbor to race the Quick Release Spring Training Series race this Sunday April 9th!

The Michigan racers would LOVE to see you in that Australian Champions jersey!!!

The A Race is at 1130am!

Here's the details:

Hope to see you there!

ryanmcross said...

hey rich,

i talked to you a few times when u were in michigan last summer at the road race in kalamazoo and then at the training race at grattan. just wanted to say great job on taking the win at the aus. crit nats, way to go man. if you are down in kalamazoo at all during your stay here in michigan send me an email and we can go for a ride if you would like. ryan.m.cross@wmich.edu

thanks man, take it easy and good luck this year

I am Karl Menzies said...

Nice new template very pretty, much like the new kits, good to see bob's hasn't changed, keep up the good blogging as it's probably the most reading i get done thru the day, summer's not far away!!

Anonymous said...

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Baden Cooke said...

Eh Richard,

Unibet's given me an off weekend and I'm flying in for the Quick Release Spring Training Series this Sunday, April 9th. How about a re-match!

You won't be helping your crit racing technique sitting in a Starbucks in East Grand Rapids or tooling about the city with the amateurs all weekend!

Kain Nunn said...

yo - rich, great to see how things are going - all the best for the up coming races.

Must say, shocked to hear about you an Amy.

Anyway - keep up the great posts, gives me something to do other than push pens all day.

Monster said...

Hey Richie, hope you are having fun mate.

Anonymous said...

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