Thursday, April 27, 2006


We are finally into the last couple of days training before we embark on a hard month of racing. We have had to keep our legs pumping around and heads on straight after nearly an entire month with no racing. There are no garentees as to how Tommy and I will race when we hit the road at the Athens Twilight Criterium this Saturday, but if hunger is any measure then we should be fine.

Since arriving back in the USA, after my brief stint in Europe, we have been well looked after by one of our team mates, Eddy Hilger and his family. He lives atop a range of mountains just on the Georgia and Tennessee. It is a fantastic training venue but we have had to suffer the insult of seeing the Tour of Georgia come nearly straight past our front door. As fun as it was to ride down the street and watch some of the best riders in the world time trial by us, it was equally as hard, feeling that we too should have been part of the race. We have, however, covered plenty of quality km's and had as resanoable preparation for racing as is possible....without actually racing. One of the greatest thing about spending time at Eddy and Carlee's is getting to spend time playing with and looking after their two fantastic kids. Jackson and Kenzie are 2 of the best behaved and coolest kids I've ever come across and it has been so much fun seeing them again, this time 8 months on from when i was last here.

The training here is a nice change to the roads we were battling in Michigan. Don't get me wrong, Michigan has its charm and also its benefits, but the winter has not been kind to poor old Grand Rapids. Tommy and i were forced to point out the holes in the roads on a regular basis, at certain times during a ride, our hands barely touched the bars.....not the way you want to train, not to mention that it doesnt have any climbs over 1km long within 100miles and its not ideal for a big training block.

But now we are in the run to racing. We have done all the hard miles we can handle....we are pumped and ready to show this country and some of its teams what we can put together and how we can get the job done. I am really looking forward to throwing my leg back over the bike in anger and winning some races. In 2 weeks time Kate will also be here to make the season go a little smoother for me. After some great team performances in the races she has done since getting off the track she will be in the USA leading up to the womens Libery Classic in Philly, which coincides with our Philly race....i guess it was meant to be.

Hope everyone is well, where ever you are. Peace out (hahahaha)


Anonymous said...

Great blogging Rich. The new bike looks fantastic - how does it differ from the standard team issue? Do you get to bring it home for me to ride at the end of the season??!!
Good luck with the racing this weekend - it has certainly been a long break!!


meg said...

I'm sorry that your anonymous father chose to comment. Your other father is wanting to draw your attention to your spelling! Bike looks cool. Hope you ride like the wind this week. Mum.

Jude said...

Hi Rich - just catching up with all your news. We arrived back this morning after completing the walk - 150km across England in 6 days - now you know where Kate gets her insanity from!! Great to see you recently in France. Hope all the racing you are about to embark on goes well. Love the bike.

Pampa said...

Hi Richard,
I've just sent you an e-mail with birthday wishes for the 9th as I don't know where to send a card. Also thought I'd back it up on your website in the hope that you'll open one of them on or before the big day. If your racing, then my birthday wish is that you win, but in any case enjoy your day as I'm sure you will. With love.