Saturday, April 08, 2006


It is no secret to most of those close to me that i have been depressed since i have been here in the US this year. After a rushed departure from home, I feel like i missed out on some of the time i needed to recover from the intensity of my summer. Without getting time to come down from the disapointment of missing out on worlds selection, i was whipped off to the USA, where i have had to try and survive on my own. It is something that, until Monday, i was struggling with.....It was something as simple as a picture that has turned my season around. Its amazing how simple the things are that can change a persons attitude and motivation. While i dont feel like my depression was affecting the way i was far as i am concerned, when i pin on those numbers then my game face is on, regardless of what is happening to me off the bike....I can't help but believe that when i am happy, as i am now, that all the other facets that go into making me a good bike rider improve and will show their signs when important parts of the season come around. The pictures that i speak of are some of those that show kate enjoying herself at the Comm Games. They are simple...nothing special....but somehow, they make me feel part of something that i wasnt able to share (sorry about showing them Kate, but....the post wouldnt be the same if i didnt). So for all of those who have experienced the Richard England, who over the past few weeks has been getting out of bed from the wrong side and been Kate would say....his grumpy pants, i appologise and look forward to re-establishing the Richard that people used to know.

Now...on a different note....the cat is out of the bag. In one week i am jetting off to Bordeaux, France to watch Kate in the World Track Championships. I was trying to keep it a secret from her and just show up....making it one of the best all time secrets and surprises i would have pulled off....but circumstances arose and telling her was the only option. Fortunately for me, the excitment and surprise wasnt lost on her and it has created an positive environment for the two of us....who knows, when she wins, hopefully i can rate a mention in the victory speech. For me it will be the first time i have travelled to mainland of Europe and its something that, although its only brief, i am thoroughly looking forward to.

So just a short one week i should have some fantastic updates for you. Ill get my camera back once im in France and we also have our team presentation to look forward to next Thursday. From what i hear it is going to be a massive event, coverage from numerous TV stations and Cyclingnews reporters will also be there. Its going to be an interesteing experience in comparison to last year....

Ill see you all later....


Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, Keep up the hard work mate, take a deep breath, ride with the punches but most of all, continue to make us proud.

Rob Regester

Anonymous said...

Hey Richie,

Great blogging.

Its pretty obvious why you are not riding so well(?!!!) over there... you missed the hitout of the Blackburn Club champs!!!! How could you perform on the world stage if us guys from back home havent toughened you up on the track like we do every other year?!

Good luck over there,