Thursday, May 31, 2007

AND LIKE THAT...."poof".....SHE'S GONE

Back to the sad and terrible realisation of what this life brings me....loneliness. Kate left today and after 6 weeks of being sewn together at the hip we are again apart. Just me and my little black sheep, Palmy, to keep me company. Its sad how little there is to m life when 1 thing is subtracted.

But chin up.....keep on riding.....been doing lead out duties the past week and enjoying some more team success. Emile has been sprinting on form....all be it, behind the unbeatable Hilton Clarke and BJM just notched up another victory for us on the west coast. I'd say things are rolling.

Big 4 races on there way and i cant wait...bring on the big ones cause im just dying to go fast...think i might get some speed lines in my hair cut tomorrow just to emphasise the point.... I think it could be my wildest one yet.

Later every1


Clayton Lee said...

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

Richard 'Dick London' England said...

i was wondering if anyone would recognise of my all time favourite movies...not sure who you are, but well done.

Clayton Lee said...

Someone who wishes they were doing what you were doing instead of what I am doing!

I picked up your blog through Spinopsys - I have my own young blog, but it gets updated even less than yours!

You are right about the movie - definitely in my top ten. Might go and watch it tonight.

emily said...

as i said earlier via scott: you poor, sad, lonely boy! i got sad just reading this (but i'm a total sap!)
hopefully we can all hang out in philly.

Anonymous said...

gotta get TZ to hook up the racing stripes. he's an expert. No, he's THE expert.