Friday, May 25, 2007


I finally made it. 4 years spent in the USA and i finally made it to New York City. I couldn't let the fact that i am staying within a couple of hours and have some, well needed and earned, rest from racing slip through my fingers....So Kate and i got up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday and we made the 1.15hr drive to Trenton, then the 1hr train ride to NEW YORK CITY......yay!!!
And instead of ruining everyones day and dribbling on about funny...but boring stories about our day, i thought i would let some pictures do the talking......
From the heights of the Empire State Building.....this is where our day began.....the weather was perfect.

Kate and it up in time sqare....

On the way into Central Park....our one mistake for the day was that we walked the entire length to find the cafe from is a long, long park and by the time we got to the other end, we couldn't even be bothered finding the cafe

mine and Kate's NYC taxi was all i could have ever dreamed....non stop horns.....ahh, you have to love a big American city

The sun shouldn't be able to break through should be blocked by 2, 110 floor buildings....but unfortunately we live in a terrible brought back some memories of staying up all night on September 11 when it happened....i remember it very clearly

A beautiful sunset down in the south end of Manhattan...Battery Park to be exact....from here we watched the sun set over the Statue of Liberty. Then it was time for home....we tried hard not to get mugged in Trenton on the way back to the car and then we were set.
What will last more than the memories....the pain and stiffness that we both woke up with this morning....lots of walking, but what can you do. It was definately worth it.
Later everyone.

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