Tuesday, May 01, 2007


All the team in the calm before the storm of the first stage....Tour De Georgia
So Georgia is over and for those cycling enthusiasts who read this, you will know how my team faired during the race. We held the mountain jersey for a day, made a couple of the big breaks and i finished off with a couple of good stages, 11th and 6th. The tour was pretty good personally, i started slow, but as i got the racing into my legs i became better and better. Although i missed the podium on the last 2 days, the most positive thing for me and the team is that i was in a position that i could have won. This was thanks to some hard work from my team mates over the last couple of days, who showed faith in me and i hope i can continue to repay them throughout the season.

My best day for the tour. For those of you who dont know what i look like....i made it easier.

After Georgia, we came back down to reality pretty quickly.....a 1600mile trek across the country in the van. We did it slowly and fortunately for me, Kate had arrived on the Sunday, to add some light to my otherwise boring and dull world.

We arrived in Silver City, New Mexico, which is based at 1930m. Altitude is something that i have struggled with since being a cyclist. Both times that i have been to race in Reno, which is lower than Silver City, the first few days have been spent in bed and feeling sick and tired. Im happy to say that this time....thanks to First Endurance Optygen.....i am all over it. Feeling as normal as i do at sea level and ready to race on Wednesday when the 5 day Tour of the Gila begins.

Kate with one of the many animals that keep our host house occupied

The views from out side....as Borat would say NIIIIICE!

The energy efficient house that we are staying in.....its a great place.

Another shot from inside the house....Jeff's guitar collection

The landscape out this way is amazing. It is desert, but from our house on top of a hill, we can see as far as our eyes will let us....on a good day all the way into Mexico. While a little isolated, its is a beautiful place and we are in a great house.

So now the countdown to my next race. There are a couple of stages that are suited for bunch sprints, then its a matter of what i can do on the climbing days to help some of the boys with good climbing legs. Ill be back in touch during or after we are done. Hopefully with news of a victory.....

Hope all is well with all my readers....all 2 or 3 of them.



Omer Kem said...

man, I have been stuck with you for weeks and I don't even get a mention....

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you in the results of the TdG, Rich. Overall that race was a big, boring bust, and when tours go boring like that you look to the teams you support to make good 1-day showings and give you a reason to keep refreshing Cyclingnews.

Let's hope Gila stays competitive to the end, and let's see some podiums!


T(e)! said...

Reader No. 3 says : "Monster effort in the last few stages of the Tour De Georgia!! Well done man, taking it to Tenzies."

Natalie Bates said...

Hey Richie, good to see it is all coming together for you and you're sprinting like a little pocket rocket. Hope you're enjoying your Katey time :)

Breezer said...

hey buddy,

good to see your name up there in results. Im waiting for that win to come. Maybe in the next few days of Joe Martin. I'll be looking. See you in a few weeks.